Saturday, December 20, 2008

More Please!

Chiara began teaching some sign language to Norah when she was about six months old. I was sceptical at first, but when Norah was about 10 months or so, she began signing. The first sign Norah (and Ethan) learned was the sign for "more." The sign for more is "the fingertips of all five fingers on each hand move toward each other to touch in front of your body." (I quoted the baby sign language bood I checked out of the library). Anyway, when babies make the sign, it looks more like clapping in front of the body- it's pretty darn cute though! Of course, Ethan's first "more" sign was for his aunt Cecca when I was at work . . . oh well! Here are some picks of "more" in action.

PS- Chiara tells me that he will probably use more for everything for awhile, but then he will slowly get the other signs. We have also been working on "eat", "all done", "milk", "bath", "dog", and some others . . .
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