Friday, October 10, 2014

Felt Mansion and Saugatuck Dunes

Way back in August Lucia, Francesca, and I went out to the Felt Mansion and Saugatuck Dunes to walk around.  The Felt Mansion used to be a private estate in the late 1920/1930's, but now it is owned by the city- so the grounds are open to the public.  I had never been out there before- it is beautiful!   
Lovely Lucia near the water garden.  

There's a little chapel on the grounds too

Here's the mansion as seen from the little chapel, beautiful!  Auntie Cecca and Jarrod are actually planning on using this location for their wedding next year- what a great time it's going to be!
After walking around the mansion, we went for a walk at the State Park
There are wonderful walking trails at the Saugatuck State Park- what a fun morning!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Lucia's 4!

Miss Lucia turned 4 at the end of July!  We celebrated by having a pancake breakfast before she went out on a special outing with Nonna.  
Even though she has been asking for a skate board, Jim and I thought it best to start her out with a scooter.  She loves it!  She can't really be bothered by putting on all the pads anymore though!
We had a pool party at Nonna and Gigi's and look who came back to say hi!  Brobee was at Lucia's party last year too, but had to make a quick exit to run to another party (i.e. Ethan untied his string and he flew away).  Lucia was very glad he came back for her party this year, and stayed the entire time!
The Bradford Girls enjoying their last days as a "girls only" club, they will be welcoming their baby brother in mid-September!
We played some fun water balloon games at her party- Lucia's getting ready for the water balloon toss. 

Emily and Uncle Dan won the toss- good job guys!

Lucia and her parents- what a great little girl we are blessed with!
Simon enjoying his cake and ice cream!
I love watching kids "help" open gifts during birthday parties- it sure is a lesson in restraint if you are not the birthday boy/girl :-)

A baptism and a hot dog party

We celebrated Arlo's baptism in mid-July with Nick and Sunny.  Here's Arlo w/ his parents and godmothers.
There's nothing like a good crying baby picture!

Auntie Cecca turned 30 this year!  She celebrated by throwing a big "Hot Dog" party with Jarrod out at his parents house.  A great time was had by all.  Cecca and Jarrod brought their kayaks up and Jim and I gave them a whirl- they are actually quite fun once you get the hang of it!
Ethan loved driving these cars around the party- I'm pretty sure I will take the same picture in 10 years when he starts driving for real- and I'm sure Lucia's expression will be the same too :-)
Lucia also had a blast driving the cars around- I love the different expressions on Lucia and Fredia!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Aunt Kerri's baby shower!

In mid-July we had a baby shower for baby girl Stephens (Aunt Kerri's baby).  Here are the Bradford girls at the shower- what a good looking bunch!
Lucia and Aunt Kerri
Bonnie and her new niece Nora
Oma and Lucia playing a shower game- or doodling :-)
Beautiful mom-to-be!

A walk downtown

We love taking walks downtown.  Jim and Simon on the pedestrian bridge by the Ford Museum.  
Me and the kids, getting everyone to look at the camera at the same time is impossible!

Taking pictures of each other taking pictures.  I noticed this picture shows Ethan's cast he had to wear for four weeks this summer!  He suffered the first injury on Nonna's trampoline- two small fractures- one on his ulna and one on his radius- very close to his wrist.  Luckily he was able to wear a removable cast, so he could take it off to shower, wash hands, etc. for a few minutes everyday.  I actually got him a second cast so he could wear one in the pool- that actually worked out well for him.  He had a follow up appointment at the beginning of August and no longer needs to wear the cast- good job Ethan on your first broken bone!

Lucia looking over the water at the Ford Museum
Simon getting the hang of walking in shoes- this was back in July, so he's an old pro now!

Friday, August 15, 2014

July 4th

We met Nonna, GiGi, Delia, Uncle Dave, Nick/Sunny and kids downtown for the fireworks this year.   Nonna and GiGi went down early and saved a spot for all of us- that was great!   Nonna and Arlo are waiting for the show to start. 
Jim and I
Lucia enjoying a sucker. 
Poor Ethan came down with a summer cold/fever while we were waiting for the fireworks show.  He was pretty much out of it
Aunt Sunny brought fun glow sticks for the kids- they had fun with them!

Fireworks!  they were great this year!  
Simon sat with Nonna during the fireworks and did great!  He loved them and did not take his eyes off the sky!

Since the fireworks in Grand Rapids were held on July 5th, we took a bike ride up to Rockford on July 4th.  Here's Jim and Ethan near the dam- I love Simon's hair in this picture. 
Lucia and Ethan by the dam
We did a few fireworks in the backyard- the kids loved the sparklers!


Ethan played t-ball this sprint/early summer and loved it!  I think it gave him a good introduction to baseball and playing on a team.  
Ethan and his kindergarten teacher Mrs. McLain on the last day of school.  What a great kindergarten year he had!
Ethan and his kindergarten class on the last day of school.  It's hard to believe that he will start 1st grade in a few weeks!
We celebrated Simon's 1st Birthday in early June- what a fast first year he has had. 
Such a ham!
Me and my dad on father's day this year.  I tried to get a picture of Jim and the kids on father's day, but it's didn't work out
Uncle Marco came for a visit in late June.  We went out to Hoffmaster (our favorite place) to visit Grandpa and Oma who were spending the night at the campground with Lucia.  Simon loved playing in the little stream. 
Marco and his mamma

Jarrod pulled out his old Polaroid camera- it brought back memories when we had to wait for the pictures to develop! 

sweet Marco

Nonna with 2/3 daughters at Hoffmaster

And finally, Nonna got a trampoline for the grandkids- but the big kids had some fun too!