Monday, January 19, 2009

Djembe Prodigy?

Francesca and Jarrod got Ethan a small Djembe drum for his birthday. Djembe is a form of African drumming, from what I gather. Jarrod plays in a djembe ensamble and is going to give Ethan lessons! When I got home from work today, this is what I saw- it was great! Francesca said that Ethan had been sitting on his drum for 20min. happy as can be! Every once in awhile he would bang on his drum- or Jarrod's- and we would clap and carry on, Ethan probably thought we were crazy!
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Francesca said...

those are freakin' cute! i'm glad you spelled "djembe" correctly.

Vinnie and Maria said...

Ethan already looks like a guy who loves the drums. Look at that face. by the time we get back, he may be in Jarrod's group.