Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Good-bye "Daddy's Car"

We bought Jim a new (used) car at the beginning of July.  The Alero was getting up there in age/miles/etc.  After we had Ethan, Jim sold his 2 door Monte Carlo so we could upgrade to a family car.  Since then, he has been driving my old Alero to Holland and back every day.  The kids refer to it as "daddy's car" and Jim promptly reminds them that it's actually "mommy's car that mommy makes daddy drive."  Anyway- we settled on a Honda Accord for Jim.  Hopefully it lasts us a good 10+ years!
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Chiara said...

This made me laugh! I know that deep down, Jim cries a little when he thinks of all the memories he and the Alero have had together!