Monday, June 17, 2013

Welcome Simon Merrick!

Simon was born 6/10/13 @ 1:50pm.  He weighed 8lbs 10oz and was 21in long.  Jim and I did not find out the sex of the baby with #3.  It was such an awesome moment when Jim said "it's a boy" (through some tears)!  I was totally expecting a girl, so it took my mind a second to realize that he wasn't a she!

Getting to know Simon.  Looking through the hospital pictures, we did not take one of Jim and Simon!  He's definitely our 3rd child!

Ethan and Lucia came to visit their brother a few times at the hospital.   I love Ethan's expression in this picture. 

Lucia has been working hard on being gentle.  She has also been working on not using "she" when referring to Simon.  I think Lucia was set on a little sister too!

I think he looks just like Ethan looked when he was born.  I will put some pictures of Ethan and Simon up next to each other.

We were greeted by this lovely sign Ethan and Lucia (with help from Oma) made for their brother when we came home from the hospital!
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Chiara said...

We can't wait to meet her...oops...him!!!! I was set on a girl, too! He does look just like Ethan did, but more hair!