Friday, December 13, 2013

Six months old!

Pensive Simon . . .

Happy Simon!

Sweet potato Simon- yum!

I can't believe Mr. Merrick is 6 months old already!  Time has flown by- much quicker with the third!  I can't believe how much he is changing every day.  Some of what he has been up to:  he loves making grunting noises to hear his voice, he's a mover and a shaker- he'll move all over his crib- rolling over front to back and back to front, he loves to bounce, he still does not want anything to do with a nuk/pacifier (I actually gave up on that a while ago!), he's been consistently sleeping 12+ hours during the night (knock on wood), he loves watching and interacting with his big brother and big sister- and Zero, he's a rock star when it comes to eating- he started cereal 6 weeks ago and he just had his first bite of sweet potatoes today and loved them!, he's still our little runt- but slowly moving up the curve (from 21% to 26% in weight at appt. this week!) 
I love watching them grow into their own little person!
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