Friday, October 10, 2014

Felt Mansion and Saugatuck Dunes

Way back in August Lucia, Francesca, and I went out to the Felt Mansion and Saugatuck Dunes to walk around.  The Felt Mansion used to be a private estate in the late 1920/1930's, but now it is owned by the city- so the grounds are open to the public.  I had never been out there before- it is beautiful!   
Lovely Lucia near the water garden.  

There's a little chapel on the grounds too

Here's the mansion as seen from the little chapel, beautiful!  Auntie Cecca and Jarrod are actually planning on using this location for their wedding next year- what a great time it's going to be!
After walking around the mansion, we went for a walk at the State Park
There are wonderful walking trails at the Saugatuck State Park- what a fun morning!

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