Saturday, October 11, 2008

9 Months Old

Ethan is nine months old today and I cannot believe how fast the time goes! He is such a big boy, he has four teeth and is working on a couple more. He just started eating finger foods- toast and baby biscuits, etc. It makes me nervous becuase I'm afraid he might choke, but he does okay.

Ethan is crawling like crazy and we have had to rearrange our living room and get rid of some non-baby friendly furniture. He loves doors, he always wants you to bring him by one so he can swing it back and forth, or he'll crawl over to one and push it closed.

He is a very happy baby, sometimes he will fake cry when I take something away he shouldn't have or pick him up when he wants to be down- it is very cute! He is so much fun and we cannot remember what life was like before he came.

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