Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sweet Potatoes!

I made some sweet potatoes for Lucia on Sunday- her first attempt at real food. I remember when Ethan started eating sweet potatoes, I would give him two ice cubes of food- he would eat that and seem very satisfied.
So, I puree the sweet potatoes, and pour what looks to be about two ice cubes worth into a bowl for Lucia. I start to feed her- boy does she love them! She eats the portion right up looks at me like she wants more. So I pour some more in- she eats that right up and then screams when the bowl is empty like she wants more! So I give her a little more- she gobbles that up and still seems to want more! I had to cut her off- I didn't want her to explode!

I think she is ready for two "meals" a day now- I'll try some fruit on Friday.
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Chiara said...

She keeps looking more and more like Ethan I think, except for the color of her hair and eyes.

Vinnie and Maria said...

Glad to know that APPLES have also made the cut. What will she check out next?