Sunday, April 3, 2011

Say What?

Ethan says some funny stuff at times, here are some tidbits:

Me: Why were you so naughty in church today?
E: Because I don't like the Priest.
Me: That doesn't make sense- you don't know the Priest.
E: Because I wanted to go play in the nursery.

Ethan and I were snuggling on the couch today watching the cooking channel (he loves watching cooking shows with me!).  I ran up stairs to stick Lucia's pacifier back in her mouth, when I came back down Ethan is singing this little tune.
E: "Two fat ladies, la la.  Two fat ladies, la la."
Me (appalled):  "Why are you saying that! Where did you hear that!"
E. "on the TV show."
Then I remember this show that is on Cooking Channel about two (rotund) British ladies that come to your house and cook- that must be jingle for it (I hope so anyway!)

A scene that has played out at dinners recently:
E:  Can I have some of my juice now?
Me: No, you need to eat more _____ (fill in the blank).
E: Can I have some of my juice?
Me: I just answered that question, you need to eat more food first.
E: Can I have my juice?
Me: What did I say?
E: What did I say? Can ___ I ___ Have ___ More ___ Juice? (drawn out).
Oh Lord! When he did this I almost died trying to hold back my laughter- I had to turn away from  him so he wouldn't see.  Then I turned back to him and told him not to get smart with his mother.  

Ethan and Nonna stopped by Grandpa and Oma's house the other day.  Grandpa is working on some renovation projects.  Ethan walked into the room being redone and noticed some of Grandpa's tools laying around, "oh, Grandpa, you have two knockers?"  Ethan calls hammers "knockers."  Nonna thought that was pretty funny!

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