Sunday, April 3, 2011

Zero's Challenge

 Zero is now 4+ years old and he has definitely mellowed out over the past year or so.  When we first brought Zero home, we had a nice little dog bed for him- that lasted all of three seconds!  Over the next few years, we tired other dog beds/padding, and Zero would promptly destroy them (usually when we were sleeping).  So, for two years Zero has had nothing soft to sleep on (except the couch when I forget to block it off, and out bedroom rug).
I was at Costco the other day and saw these nice, plush dog beds.  I figured it was time to try again- and gave Jim a call to see if he agreed.
When I got home and laid the bed out for Zero, he immediately jumped right on it and started nestling his head into it.  Jim said "ten bucks says he chews it."  I should have taken him on that bet, because we are approaching day three and Zero has yet to chew it!  This is by far the longest he has ever had anything nice for himself!  Come on Zero- you can do it!

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Chiara said...

I would put my money on him chewing it, but he HAS mellowed out a LOT since you first brought him home. If he doesn't chew it, then maybe it will be my reason #2 to get a dog (someday). Reason #1 is I love how gentle he is with the kids. You don't need to be nervous with him and babies at all, which is nice, since babies are so unpredictable and fast!