Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Santa Claus Parade

Jim and I took the kids to the Santa parade in downtown GR a few weeks ago.  It was actually a pretty good parade- there were even balloon floats!

Ethan thought the sirens were pretty loud on that fire truck. 

Nicholas, Sunny, and Ivana were there too- Nick and Ethan enjoying some hot chocolate and the parade. 

Lucia and Grandma Sue- Lucia did pretty good too- she loved the big balloons when they went by her!

Like this elephant- the people holding the strings had to pull it down so it could squeeze under the stop lights. 

Lucia and daddy enjoying the parade. 

The floats were pretty good this year- I thought this one was pretty cute. 

I thought this one was pretty funny!

This one was a little creepy- something about it's face . . . 

The Grinch was there too!  I did not get a good picture of Santa- but he was there too- along with some reindeer!
Ethan had a great time collecting the candy- though you could tell it was one of his first parades because the other kids around him were much quicker at picking it off the street- there's always next year!
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