Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ethan's 1st Day of Preschool!

Ethan started Preschool today and was super excited.  We were not going to start him with preschool this year and were planning on enrolling him in 4 year old preschool starting next fall- but then he made me feel guilty.  A few months ago Ethan started telling people (mostly family) that he loved going to preschool, that preschool was so much fun, etc.  Jim took him to get his hair cut one day and Ethan was telling the hair dresser all about his love of preschool, that he goes "every day", etc.  After I heard this,  I enrolled him at Immanuel-St.James school in their 3 year old preschool class- two days per week (thanks for the recommendation Grandma JiJi!).
Last night I heard him get out of bed, when I checked on him I noticed that he had brought his backpack to bed with him!  This morning when I woke him up- he practically jumped out of bed with excitement.  He looked a little nervous when he entered the class, but his teacher- Mrs. S.- said that he did a great job today! He is very excited to go back to school!
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Chiara said...

He looks so happy! I am glad he did well at school!