Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas 2011

I cannot believe Christmas has come and gone already!  Here are a few pictures from Christmas Day.  Christmas morning we spent at home so the kids could open their gifts.  Ethan was excited that Santa actually came to our house this year!  Ethan got a light saber, or "sword".  

Lucia did not quite get unwrapping the gifts- Ethan was more than happy to help her out!

Ethan also received a backpack since he is starting preschool in January.  He loved the backpack and immediately put his "sword" into it.    

After breakfast we headed over to Aunt Kerri's house to celebrate with the Bradford side of the family.  Here are the Bradford cousins posing before the mayhem begins.  

Ethan with his light saber.  

Ethan received a set of tools from Aunt Kerri- he loved them!  He is very excited to help Grandpa with projects around the house!
We returned home to have dinner with Aunt Cecca and Jarrod, Nick, Sunny, and Ivana, and Nonna and Grandma JiJi.  Nick and Sunny painted this lovely picture for Cecca- a compilation of her favorite things- napping, car rides and her dog- Jessie. 

Ethan also got more Mega blocks to add to his collection- he and Jim built a huge tower using all his blocks.  Ethan was sure to point out the "guns" on the top of the tower.  It was explained to me that every good tower needs guns at the top.  
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