Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Brooklyn Bridge

Jarrod making the stroller ride fun for the kids- walking up the Brooklyn Bridge. We only walked about half way- then turned around- it was hot!

At the first resting point on the bridge- Lucia and I hung out here while Jarrod, Jim, and Cecca went a little further up the Bridge.

View from the Bridge

Marco making his "marco" face.

Marco and Lucia resting.

Jarrod and Jim celebrate their accomplishments.

Jim gives Ethan a better view.

The view as you are walking up the bridge- it was spectacular!

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Franrod said...

marco does have a "marco" face in that photo!

Chiara said...

Love all the photos. And I especially like the one of you and cecca making your relaxed faces; how did all of us Jasinski girls get to be such worry warts?