Sunday, October 30, 2011

Chicago Visit

Ethan, Lucia and I went to Chicago last weekend to visit Chiara, James, Norah, and Luca.  Ethan and Lucia had a blast playing with their cousins!  This was Chiara's family room after about 10 minutes of play- Ethan loved playing with all of Norah's toys!

We had this for dinner one night- it was delicious!  A pizza with a roasted garlic "sauce" topped with roasted butternut squash, roasted mushrooms, bacon, fontina cheese, and topped with arugula- it was great!

We went to the Brookfield Zoo while we were in Chicago.  We took in the dolphin show and sat in the "splash zone" during the show.  Chiara and I were not too thrilled about the seats- but when Ethan was asked what his favorite part of the show was- he said watching the dolphin jump in the air and splash us- so I guess it was worth it. 

Ethan and Norah fight over one of those cut out picture things. 

Uncle James gives Ethan a better view of the Giraffes. 

I think they were my favorite at the zoo- Giraffes are so cool!

Chiara and I took Ethan and Norah to this indoor play yard called the "Tree House."  Basically it was a giant jungle gym for toddler-8 year-olds with slides, monkey bars, steps, tunnels, bridges, etc.  Ethan and Norah spent a good hour running their butts off!  This it Ethan during a break- I love how red his face is!

Ethan had so much fun in Chicago playing with Norah!  He did not want to go home- so he went back down to Chicago this past weekend with Nonna (who was going to babysit).  Jim and I sure did miss Ethan when he was gone- but I'm glad he got to spend more time with his cousins! 
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Chiara said...

we had fun having you all here-mess or no mess!

and, it was great to have Ethan back again this weekend. He and Norah played great together!