Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fall Fun

This was a few weeks ago at Blandford . . . it's much colder now!  Lucia enjoying the fall leaves. 

Ethan, Lucia, Grandma Sue and I went to a local pumpkin farm/country store a few weeks ago to pick out some pumpkins.  There were some fun activities for the kids- like this slide out of one of the barns.  They also had some goats and bunnies the kids could pet.  The petting area made me nervous because there were a ton of kids all grabbing at the animals and nobody there to regulate!  Goats were trying to escape!

Grandma and Lucia found a nice pumpkin.  Lucia is turning into quite the litter talker- Grandma Sue was telling Lucy that they had to push the cart, and Lucia kept repeating "push . . . push."  Lucia can also say "pumpkin"- it's pretty cute!

Ethan dropping rotten pumpkin parts into another pumpkin- it was kind of disturbing! 
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