Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Exploring Art Prize

Ethan, Lucia and I went down to Art Prize last week with Cecca and Jarrod.  Luica loved this big beach ball, I don't think Ethan knew what to think. 

I thought this was a fun idea, I want the pan in the shape of MI!

Ethan actually smiling for a picture!

Cecca and Ethan explore the forest of Encyclopedia pages. 

This piece was interesting, but the magnifying glasses would spin and move slowly- it kind of gave me a headache. 

On Saturday the kids and I went downtown with Nonna and Bree.  The piece behind the gang is in the top 10.  

Ethan and Bree posing by the hands at the Ford Museum.  
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Chiara said...

I love the USA map! Did the artist make each skillet?